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We are a full service auction company with experienced full time auctioneers, warehouse crew, and office staff.

A 40,000 sq ft building, equipment,  vehicles,and trailers to
handle all aspects of an auction.

Located at 8010 US19 N, Pinellas Park, Fl for
easy access directly across from Super Walmart.

Our building includes 3 separate air conditioned auction halls
providing a comfortable atmosphere.


Bay Area Auction Staff would be most interested in working with you to provide you with either an informal estimate range of value to be realized at auction (not itemized but complimentary for potential auction items), or a formal itemized appraisal of value to be realized at forced liquidation value
( fee negotiable based on number of assets requiring appraisal/location/access/etc.).

Our diverse history of selling any and all types of assets and averaging 50+ auctions yearly will assure a  knowledgeable current market valuation.

Please contact us to discuss your application and we will be happy to advise
and provide you with someoptions and/or schedule when convenient .

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*Always Buying or Consigning Quality Merchandise*
Call our office 8am - 4:30pm to inquire.



As some of our long term customers know but many may be unaware,
our longtime associate, auctioneer and valued employee Jim Sosnowski
endured a tragic life-changing procedure in December.

Jim had a minor stroke (actually a series of mini strokes) late last summer,
and while in the  hospital to determine the origin of such it was found
that he had a large brain aneurysm.

 After much research and consultation, Jim had elective surgery in late December
just before the holidays in attempt to insert a stint and avoid an inevitable burst which
would have been completely unpredictable and fatal at the time of occurrence.
The surgery unfortunately did not go as hoped,
the stint failed, and they performed brain surgery - the outcome of 
which has left Jim with full paralysis on the left side. He has been in and out of ICU
and levels of consciousness,  a roller coaster ride of ups and downs regarding
swings of improvement and declination - ever since the operation,
and at best has a long road ahead and is facing a new altered lifestyle from
what he has known to his young age of 48
not to mention an unascertainable mountain of debt.


Jim has been a part of our family at Bay Area Auction, and was very well liked and well received
 by many of our customers - both buyers and sellers for many years. 
After some persuasion, Jim's wife Emily set up a GoFundMe account in attempt to offset 
some of the vast expense which has already been incurred and to benefit 
his anticipated years long recovery and rehabilitation.

We have also begun placing a donation bin on the counter at each auction
in the event that some customers may have a level of discomfort
with regards to online donations.

Should any of our valued customers be in a position to donate in support of Jim's
recovery, the link for the GoFundMe account is below - or the bin will continue to be
available on our counter at registration for any upcoming Bay Area Auction.

Any contribution would be deeply appreciated, and we
thank all of you for your patronage and for your consideration.

Thank you
Greg, Tom and Shondra Farner and our team at Bay Area Auction


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Our Motto " On the Market for Months or .. off the market in minutes!

You can download our  Real Estate Contract here and get your
property off the market in minutes.


Fully bonded and insured, trained warehouse & auction staff utilize professional moving  equipment & expertise to ensure the safe transport of inventory ranging from  household, restaurant, heavy machinery, vehicles, boats and much more.

Our ability to handle multiple organized auctions of all types each month
has driven our auction to be one of the largest in the southeast.


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